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DVI Switches

Video switches that interface with multiple DVI video sources to display a selected source on a shared screen

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Extend, distribute and matrix HD video, audio, USB, RS-232 and IR over Ethernet network with intuitive software and multi-platform hardware

PureStream Video & USB (KVM) over IP

Starting at $499.99 view

4- or 8-input, 8- or 12-output HDMI video-wall & digital-signage matrix switches w/ creative configuration modes and control-software included


Starting at $3,375.00 view

HDMI video wall and digital signage matrix switches route up to 32 HD video sources to 32 displays with storage and creative picture modes


Starting at $8,549.00 view

8x8 and 4x4 DVI scaling matrix switches and video wall processors with fast seamless switching, w/ Web browser GUI, RS-232 and IR control

Scaling DVI Matrix Switch and Video Wall

Starting at $1,899.00 view

Switch, convert and scale HDMI DVI DisplayPort VGA and composite video formats with automatic Full HD scaling and independent audio routing

Audio/Video Multi-Format Processors

Starting at $429.00 view

6- and 8-port, multi-platform HDMI presentation switchers from HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, component and composite inputs, with remote/RS-232 control

Multi-Platform Presentation Switchers

Starting at $974.00 view

Up to 32x32 modular, digital (HDMI/DVI) matrix A/V switches route video and/or audio content directly to various monitors/speakers w/ built-in scaler

Modular Matrix A/V Switches

Starting at $5,462.00 view

High-performance matrix switchers for DVI signals reclock and equalize the signal and route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously

Matrix DVI Switchers

Starting at $3,596.00 view

Matrix video switches route up to 32 DVI-D video input sources onto multiple DVI displays at resolutions up to 1080p, 2K and 1920x1200


Starting at $7,349.00 view

Video switchers for DVI signals w/ HDMI compressed audio, HDTV compatible and HDCP compliant, w/ front panel, RS-232 and K-Router software control

DVI Video Switchers

Starting at $316.00 view

3- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- or 12-input (HDMI, VGA, composite, component DisplayPort, HD-SDI), 2- 3- or 4-output (HDMI, VGA, HD-SDI) presentation AV switchers

ProScale Presentation Switchers/Scalers

Starting at $3,596.00 view

4x4 and 16x16 matrix DVI-video switchers provide a simple, reliable and highly effective method of routing multiple DVI video sources

DVI Matrix Video Switchers

Starting at $648.00 view

View up to sixteen (16) individual Single-Link DVI-D video sources on a single high-resolution 1920x1200 DVI screen, with RS-232 control

DVI Video Switches

Starting at $224.00 view

Switch and route single link DVI-D video from up to thirty two (32) sources (computers, DVD players, etc.) to up to thirty two (32) DVI/HDMI screens

VEEMUX DVI Video Matrix Switches

Starting at $1,267.00 view

Non-blocking 4x4, 8x8 and 16x16 DVI-D video matrix routers/switches with SmartControl software included, RS232 and optional IR and Ethernet controls

DVI Matrix Video Switches

Starting at $674.00 view

4-in-1-out or 2-in-1-out HDCP compliant DVI switching system with wireless IR remote control and RS-232 input

PureLink DS DVI Switches

Starting at $449.99 view