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4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher

Model No. EXT-DVIK-MV-41 In stock

4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher
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EXT-DVIK-MV-41: Interface four computers to one dual-screen console 

with up to 4 pictures on one screen 

Gefen's 4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher is the perfect solution for controlling four computers from a dual monitor console. The operator can observe up to 4 pictures on one screen, while a second monitor can be switched to display the picture that needs closer attention.

EXT-DVIK-MV-41 is HDCP compliant, supporting input and output resolutions up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA) and 1080p Full HD.The two front panel USB ports and/or bi-directional audio (mic and headphones/speaker) can be independently routed from any of the four computers to the console.

Four default factory presets provide most commonly used arrangements of windows on a display, including single window output, Picture-In-Picture, Quad view, and Picture-And-Picture. The 4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher is controllable via front panel, keyboard/mouse, and RS-232. An intuitive on-screen Graphical User Interface simplifies system configuration and operation.

Up to 8 DVI KVM Switchers can be daisy-chained together to create an elaborate 32 computer workstation.

EXT-DVIK-MV-41 is field firmware upgradable with the Gefen Syner-G™ software suite.


How it Works
This product can be placed on a shelf or mounted in a standard 19-inch rack.
Connect DVI video output, USB, L/R audio output, and microphone input from up to four computers to DVI-D In, USB Host, L/R In, and Mic ports for Source 1 through 4 on the back panel of EXT-DVIK-MV-41.
Connect up to two DVI displays to the Video A DVI-D and Video B DVI-D Outputs.
Connect a pair of headphones or powered speakers to the L/R Out audio output.
Connect a mono PC microphone to the Mic jack.
Connect a keyboard and a mouse to the console USB ports on the back of the unit.
Two USB peripherals can be connected to the USB ports on the front of the switcher.
If rack-mounting the unit, securely connect the Grounding Terminal to the system ground by 16 AWG or larger diameter copper wiring.
Connect the included 12V DC power supply to the unit's 12V DC power supply jack and to an available electrical outlet.
To power on the KVM switcher by flipping the Main switch to on position.
The switcher can be controlled by using the front panel push-buttons, keyboard/mouse, or via RS-232. To control the switcher via RS-232, connect an automation controller to RS-232 In.
To cascade the KVM Switchers together to create an expanded system, connect the RS-232 output from the first unit to the RS-232 input of the next unit until all units are daisy-chained. Up to 8 EXT-DVIK-MV-41 Switchers can be connected together to form an elaborate 32 computer system controlled by a single set of keyboard and mouse.
The Power LED on the front of the switcher will glow blue when the unit is powered-on.
The Video, Audio, and USB LED indicators will glow in blue when the corresponding input is selected.

Features and Benefits
• Dual Screen console Set-up: Full Screen and Multiview
• 4 Multiview Modes: Full Screen, Quad-View, PIP (Picture-In-Picture), and PAP (Picture-And-Picture)
• Input and Output resolutions up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA) and 1080p Full HD
• HDCP 1.4 Compliant
• Controlled via front panel, keyboard/mouse, and RS-232
• Comprehensive and easy-to-use On Screen Display
• Supports cascading of up to 8 units to create a 32 computer system controlled from one keyboard/mouse workstation
• Firmware update via USB port using the Gefen Syner-G™ software
• Locking power supply connector
• Rack-mountable using the included brackets

Package Includes
(1) 4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher (EXT-DVIK-MV-41)
(1) 12V DC Power Supply (EXT-PS125AU-3P)
(1) IEC AC power cord (CAB-POWERCORD-XX)
(2) Rack Ears (BKT-RACK-1U-BD-GRY)
(6) Rack Ear-to-unit attachment screws
(4) Self-adhesive bump-ons
(1) Quick-Start Guide (QSG-EXT-DVIK-MV-41)

4x1 DVI KVM Multiview Switcher