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HDMI Audio De-Embedder

Model No. 40695 In stock

HDMI Audio De-Embedder
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40695: Split the audio off the HDMI® bus to other sound formats 

C2G HDMI® Audio De-Embedder will split the audio off the HDMI® bus and convert it to TOSLink, S/PDIF, or a 3.5mm connection.

This device will allow for the audio to continue to the television or monitor to use the audio at the display side as well

This device is specifically useful for projector installations that want to use an amplifier as the audio source. Most projectors do not have an audio output from the HDMI connection, so this HDMI® Audio De-Embedder will allow the audio to be extracted from the device to connect to the amplifier.

Note: Digital signals such as Dolby Digital and DTS audio from the source device are supported through the TOSLink and RCA ports. The 3.5mm port supports PCM audio signals from the source device. The source device must be set to a PCM audio mode to use the 3.5mm audio output.

Features and Benefits
• Separates HDMI audio from HDMI video
• Supports a maximum video resolution of 1080p with 3D support
• Support for analog and digital audio output
• 1 Year warranty