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Model No. CE790 In stock

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IP-based digital USB KVM console extender with audio and RS-232 support 

with no distance limitation, supporting video resolution up to 1920x1080 

Note: This product is approaching its end of life (EOL) and is available while supplies last. Sale is final - this item is not eligible for returns.

CE790 is an IP based KVM Extender with audio and RS-232 functionality. It provides control of a computer system from a remote console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) located anywhere on your LAN.

In addition to all the advantages of analog extenders, the CE790 may be configured in point-to-point, multi-point to single-point and multi-point to multi-point arrangements. Video quality also remains consistent regardless of distance, so there is no need to run an extra cable, and there are no distance limitations other than the size of your LAN.

CE790 system consists of a transmitter (CE790T) that connects to a source system and a receiver (CE790R) that is located on the user's desk. It has a built-in HTTP server so in a single point-to-point arrangement it eliminates the need for a network. When used in multi point arrangements, the CE790 connects into your existing network; it's simply a matter of assigning each unit its own IP address and using the On Screen Display (OSD) to select your source or destination. The OSD is built into both the receiver and transmitter modules to provide a straightforward method to configure and operate the system.

The addition of audio and RS232 make the CE790 an ideal solution for Secure Access Control by providing video, two-way voice communication and a conduit for serially controlled tilt and pan camera motors or fingerprint scanners.

Features and Benefits
• Single or multi-point connections
• No video deterioration over distance
• No distance limitations
• Connects into your current network with no extra cabling required
• On Screen Display (OSD) simplifies setup and connecting receivers and transmitters
• Receivers and transmitters are available as individual units
• The number of units that can be connected is limited to the number of IP addresses available on your LAN
• Industrial ethernet surge protectors prevent lightning and ground loop damage
• No software required
• Dual console operation – control your system from both the transmitter and receiver USB keyboard, monitor, and mouse consoles
• High resolution video – up to 1920 x 1080
• Supports up to 30 frames/sec
• Supports widescreen formats
• Ultra-high quality video mode
• RS-232 serial ports* – allows you to connect to a serial terminal for configuration, and serial devices

Package Content
1x CE790T
1x CE790R
1x USB KVM Cable (1.8 m)
2x Power Adapters
1x Rack Mount Kit
2x Grounding Wires
1x User Manual
1x Quick Start Guide

* RS-232 supports Tx/Rx and CTS/RTS signals only


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