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XTENDEX PS/2 KVM Extenders

XTENDEX PS/2 KVM Extenders

Extend PC high-resolution control up to 1000 feet away over CAT5/5e/6 cable, with optional stereo audio and RS232 touch screen support
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1) Hi-Res KVM + Audio + RS232 Extender (1000-feet) Model No. ST-C5KVM2ARS-1000S In stock


$799.00 Compare to MSRP $835.00 - You save $36.00

2) Hi-Res KVM + RS232 Extender (1000-feet) Model No. ST-C5KVMRS-1000S In stock


$659.00 Compare to MSRP $680.00 - You save $21.00
The Affordable Way to Extend a Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse up to 1000 feet Away from a PC or a KVM Switch.

XTENDEX® KVM extenders provide local and remote KVM (PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and VGA monitor) access to a PC or NTI KVM switch up to 300/600/1000 feet using CAT5/5e/6 UTP cable.

XTENDEX® KVM extenders can be used to provide both local and extended access to networked servers. They are ideal for situations where a control station is located in an unsecured area or where equipment damage can occur, such as shop floors and loading docks.

XTENDEX® KVM extenders improved features and options include local access, stereo audio for both the local and remote user, and/or RS232 support which is perfect for touch screen monitor applications.

Each KVM extender consists of a local unit connected to a server or the outputs of a KVM switch, and a remote unit connected to a keyboard, monitor and mouse (or the inputs of a KVM switch). The local and remote units are connected via CAT5/5e/6 UTP cable.

• Useful for loading docks and warehouses where access to information on back-office computers is required and physical security is a concern.
• Excellent for factories where heat and dust could damage expensive computers, or for waiting rooms, kiosks and simulators.
• Construction sites can distribute information appropriately without exposing computers to the harsh elements.