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Velocity Component Video Cables

Velocity Component Video Cables

Connect progresive scan video components to monitors & other devices using these high quality video cables; featuring 24K gold-plated connectors
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1) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 1.5-feet Model No. 40009 In stock

$12.06 Compare to MSRP $22.99 - You save $10.93

2) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 100-feet Model No. 29138 In stock


$118.69 Compare to MSRP $194.99 - You save $76.30

3) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 12-feet Model No. 27083 In stock

$20.59 Compare to MSRP $39.99 - You save $19.40

4) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 25-feet Model No. 27084 In stock

$35.53 Compare to MSRP $59.99 - You save $24.46

5) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 3-feet Model No. 29112 In stock

$10.26 Compare to MSRP $22.98 - You save $12.72

6) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 35-Feet Model No. 40457 In stock

$34.26 Compare to MSRP $71.98 - You save $37.72

7) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 50-feet Model No. 29113 In stock

$51.98 Compare to MSRP $64.98 - You save $13.00

8) Velocity™ Component Video Cable, 6-feet Model No. 27082 In stock

$14.79 Compare to MSRP $29.99 - You save $15.20
The Ideal Upgrade from the Poor-Performing "Out of the Box" Cables. Connect Progressive Scan Video Components to Monitors and Other Devices.

Improve the performance of your progressive scan video sources by providing much better cables than "out of the box" cables included with most consumer electronics products.

The oxygen-free copper center conductor and foam PE dielectric maintain a 75 Ohm characteristic impedance, and offer efficient signal transmission to deliver exceptional video detail, color and brightness. The dual braided oxygen-free copper shields and 100% aluminum foil sheath protect against environmental noise and interference.

The 24K gold-plated, heavy duty connectors ensure long-lasting, highly conductive signal connections; fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket, and enable easy installation and identification.