4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch w/ Picture-and-Picture Multiviewer or Video Wall - Model No. VS424HDPIP - KVMGalore® | Tech Solutions Made Easy™
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4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch w/ Picture-and-Picture Multiviewer or Video Wall

Model No. VS424HDPIP In stock

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch w/ Picture-and-Picture Multiviewer or Video Wall
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VS424HDPIP: Drive video from four HDMI sources to four displays 

in MultiView mode (2x1 or 4x1), video-wall mode (1x4), or matrix mode, with IR/RS-232/Ethernet control 

• Full matrix configuration supporting four different picture-and-picture modes per display: Matrix mode (1x1) / Dual mode (2x1) / Quad mode (4x1) / TV-wall mode (1x4)
• Control using RS-232 (serial), Telnet (TCIP/IP Network), or IR (remote control included)
• Choose which audio source is outputted with your combined video sources

VS424HDPIP 4x4 HDMI matrix switch with picture-and-picture (PaP) gives you the power to seamlessly combine and distribute four HDMI audio/video sources across four different HDMI displays, with the added ability to combine multiple images on the same display.

See the Whole Picture
The split-screen multiplexing switch combines the flexibility of a matrix switch with the scalability of a video wall, giving you the freedom to combine video sources on a single display. You can also distribute different video combinations independently across four individual displays. The switch offers full matrix configuration supporting four different picture-and-picture modes per display:
• Matrix mode (1x1): send each video source to anyone of the four screens
• Dual mode (2x1): Multiview two video sources side by side on each screen
• Quad mode (4x1): Multiview four video sources in four quadrants on each screen
• TV Wall mode (1x4): Send one vide source to be displayed on all four screens as a video wall

Control Your Output
Fitting your boardroom or digital signage application with a VS424HDPIP dramatically increases your communication possibilities. Not only does the picture-and-picture matrix switch increase your communication by a factor of four per display, but it also enables you to adjust your video sources remotely using your local TCP/IP network, or the included IR remote control.

Increase the Versatility of Your Displays
VS424HDPIP is a flexible video switch that can improve any video display application. The picture-and-picture technology enables you to share up to four distinct images on the same screen, reducing required video real estate and saving you from wasting money on additional displays in your digital signage applications. For security monitoring, you can combine four video sources onto a single display to view everything more efficiently and broadcast those feeds to four different displays in different locations -- you can even zoom into to a single feed for a closer look without disrupting the remaining three displays. For versatile installation options, mounting hardware is included ensuring a tidy and professional installation.

• Add multi-screen configurations to your boardroom, for improved collaboration and idea sharing
• Use in your digital signage applications to provide multiple video sources on the same screen, and distribute to four different locations
• Run multimedia presentations with supporting data showing on another display in business conference rooms or at trade-shows
• Ideal for connecting/switching multiple sources in test bench facilities, data centers, help desks and video broadcasting facilities
• Monitor multiple security sources (cameras) simultaneously

The StarTech.com advantage
• See the whole picture by adding multiple HDMI sources to the same display with picture-and-picture
• Control your output and make your digital signage operation easier with remote control operation using, Telnet (TCIP/IP Network), or IR (remote control)
• Increase the versatility of your display and save money, with the picture-and-picture technology reducing the number of displays required with up to four video sources on the same display

Included in Package
1x 4x4 HDMI matrix switch
1x IR remote control
2x Mounting brackets
1x Moftware installation disc
1x Mniversal power adapteR
1x Instruction manual

Required Cables (per input/output port)
1x HDMI, male-male