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Secure KVM Switches

Secure KVM Switches

2- and 4-port dual-link DVI-USB NIAP-certified secure (validated to EAL2+ security requirements) KVM switches with 2.1 audio for government
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1) USB-DVI Secure KVM Switch, 2-Ports Model No. GCS1212TAA In stock


$439.95 Compare to MSRP $549.95 - You save $110.00

2) USB-DVI Secure KVM Switch, 4-Ports Model No. GCS1214TAA In stock


$549.95 Compare to MSRP $649.95 - You save $100.00
2- and 4-Port Dual-Link DVI-USB NIAP-Certified Secure KVM Switches with 2.1 Sound Audio.

IOGEAR's 2- and 4-port USB DVI Dual-Link Secure KVM Switches allows one USB console to control up to 4 computers and offers additional security features for government and military environment where security is imperative.

IOGEAR Secure KVM Switches are NIAP-CERTIFIED - Validated to EAL2+ security requirements.

Hardware security includes tamper-evident tape, chassis intrusion detection, and tamper-proof hardware, while software security includes restricted USB connectivity non HIDs (Human Interface Devices) are ignored when switching an isolated channel per port that makes it impossible for data to be transferred between secure and unsecure computers, and automatic clearing of the keyboard and mouse buffer.

By combining physical security with controlled USB connectivity, Secure KVM Switches give you the means to consolidate multiple workstations of various security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) console.