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QuadraVista QF

Model No. QV-4KVMDVI-QF In stock

QuadraVista QF
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QV-4KVMDVI-QF: Multiviewer with four HDMI/DVI/VGA inputs + digital audio 

1x4 quad-viewer KVM switch with Quad, Full PiP and WIN display modes 

Quick Facts
• Simultaneous display of 4 analog/digital video sources on a single monitor – real time video
• Supports DVI/HDMI/VGA video at resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
• HDMI 7.1 surround-sound audio
• Mouse, keyboard, touchscreen & serial control
• Four USB 2.0 high-speed ports for device sharing
• HDCP enabled for multimedia presentations
• Connect four VGA, DVI, or HDMI sources with PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse
• Supports 10-bit color for maximum video clarity
• Display video sources in quad, PiP, full, or windowed mode with name of source
• Switch a USB 2.0 device or Dolby 7.1 output from any computer
• Can be controlled from keyboard, mouse, front panel, USB, serial port, or touchscreen
• Audio input from HDMI sources, digital and analog audio output
• Four USB 2.0 ports for printers, memory sticks, and other high speed devices

QuadraVista QF is a multifunction digital KVM switch and video controller that can process a mix of digital and analog video on input and output ports. This allows for perfect display of real time video and animated displays, simulation graphics and highly detailed CAD design.

Video input can be displayed in 4 different modes:
• Full Screen
• Quad Screen
• Picture in Picture (PiP), and
• Win Mode.

Each video input can be re-sized, scaled and repositioned anywhere on the screen, and all attached PC/video devices can be controlled by keyboard, mouse, touchscreen or serial port. Multiple video modes up to 1920x1200/60Hz are supported, including HDTV and HDCP encryption.

EDID is customizable at each input port.

QuadraVista QF is one of the most powerful and versatile multiviewers available today, allowing a single user to simultaneously view and control up to four HDMI, DVI, or VGA sources on one monitor at a crystal clear high definition resolution of up to 1920x1200. It displays perfectly real time video, animated displays, simulation graphics, and highly detailed CAD designs. QuadraVista QF comes with several optional upgrades and features enabling it to conform to almost any media application.

Each one of the four individual displays permits a high degree of customization, allowing the user to adjust the size, background, label, and layers, as well as rotate and crop the video sources. Video input can be displayed in four different modes, including full screen, quad screen, picture-in-picture, and Win Mode. Both digital and analog audio are supported to accompany the video source. QuadraVista QF supports USB and PS/2 based computers, as well as USB hubs for the addition of peripherals such as printers, cameras, and storage devices.

QuadraVista QF is designed for use in NOC and control-desk applications where multiple video sources need to be selected, switched and displayed on a large screen or video wall, with independent keyboard, mouse or touchscreen control over the video source devices. QuadraVista QF is also used in broadcast environments, transport control centers, weather stations and training or board rooms.

Touchscreen Control
QuadraVista QF can be controlled using a USB touchscreen. Access and control each device using a touchscreen while displaying 4 or 16 video sources on a single monitor, the touchscreen function also operates on Windows displayed in Win, PiP and Quad-Modes.

USB 2.0 Matrix
QuadraVista QF features a 4-port transparent (high-speed) USB 2.0 hub, allowing USB devices such as print readers, memory sticks, webcams and DVD drives to be shared between the connected devices. Files can be copied between connected devices via the USB 2.0 port.

Hotmouse Control
QuadraVista's unique "HotMouse" uses a "numbered arrow" to allow quick and easy control of QuadraVista QF in all operational modes. The keyboard stillfunctions when "HotMouse" is in use.

Installation and Operation
QuadraVista QF includes a powerful menu driven OSD for full control and operation. No software drivers or external controlling CPU's are required. Choose from 7 different levels of security settings for admin and operational control.

There are 6 different ways for the user to operate QuadraVista QF:
• Front Buttons
• Configurable Hotkeys
• HotMouse
• Serial DCP/XML
• Touchscreen

Features and Benefits
• Supports DVI/HDMI/VGA video modes
• HDTV modes up to 1920x1080p
• PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice
• Serial port control via DCP/XML protocol
• Audio input via HDMI source, and output via analog, digital or optical audio interface
• 30-bit RGB video for precise rendering of colors, with fluid video at full refresh rates
• HDCP compliant for video/animation viewing
• Quad-screen, Full-screen, PIP and Win modes
• Four high speed USB2.0 ports
• DVI/VGA cables supported to 20 metres
• Stores pre-set commands for Win mode
• Built-in video test-pattern for video quality
• Rotate video images up to 270, crop images and adjust brightness/contrast.
• User Rose Keypad Controller to store and save up to 20 pre-set switching commands
• Cascade multiple QuadraVista-QF switches to display a screen with 16 simultaneously independent video sources
• Display computer name on each quadrant


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