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OmniView Secure DVI KVM

OmniView Secure DVI KVM

2- and 4-port secure, NIAP-validated USB/Audio/DVI-D Dual-Link KVM switches prevent data transfer between secure and unsecured computers
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1) OmniView Secure DVI-D Dual-Link 2-Port KVM Switch Model No. F1DN102D In stock


$424.00 Compare to MSRP $499.99 - You save $75.99

2) OmniView Secure DVI-D Dual-Link 4-Port KVM Switch Model No. F1DN104D In stock


$539.00 Compare to MSRP $599.99 - You save $60.99

Protect secure computers with NIAP-validated, DVI-D, dual-link KVM switches 

Designed specifically for secure military and government installations, OmniView® Secure KVM Switches let you control multiple DVI-D computers from a single DVI-D console.

These products ensure the integrity of your data by safely switching among secure and unsecured computers. The Switches feature a dedicated processor per computer port to keep each computer separate and secure at all times, and prevent data transfer among them.

OmniView® Secure DVI KVM Switches are listed by NIAP, and are validated by NIAP Common Criteria to EAL 4+ with ALC_FLR.3. The first and only KVM switches to achieve ALC_FLR.3, the Secure DVI KVM Switches are also the first to conform to the latest Protection Profile v1.2 for peripheral sharing devices.