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USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cable, 1m

Model No. G2LU3CAM01-WT In stock

USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cable, 1m
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G2LU3CAM01-WT: Charge & Sync Flip™ Pro USB-C to USB-A male/male cable 

with a reversible type-A plug

USB Type-C has the capability of integrating charge, sync, video and USB functions into a single port, but with all change, comes a period of transition. IOGEAR's Charge & Sync Flip™ Pro USB-C to reversible USB-A cable makes this transition easier by allowing you to connect all your USB-C devices such as the new MacBook® and Chromebook™ Pixel to standard USB-A devices.

The New Universal Standard
USB Type-C™ is the latest universal standard in connectivity. Compared to earlier generations of USB connectors, USB-C has a slim profile connector to support ultra-thin laptops and tablets. Although USB-C has a low-profile design, it packs a big punch when it comes to speed and power, boasting lighting fast data transmission speeds and power transmission. And best of all, it's reversible to allow hassle-free connecting. The new standard fixes the age-old problem of connecting your USB in the wrong way, eliminating the frustration of fumbling with the USB plug when connecting it to a computer.

Connect your USB-C devices to USB-A devices
If you have purchased a new USB-C laptop or device, you are probably having a hard time using it with your other standard USB devices (hard drives, chargers, etc.). With the Charge & Sync Flip™ Pro USB-C to reversible USB-A cable, you'll be able to do just that. The cable supports data transfer as well as charging output so that your USB-A devices are now compatible with USB-C ports.

Charge & Sync Flip Pro USB-C to USB-A cableReversible USB Type-A
Ever get frustrated with fumbling around with your USB connector because you plugged it in the wrong side? Well, worry no more with IOGEAR's Charge & Sync Flip™ Pro cables. These cables feature a reversible USB Type-A connector which allows you to easily plug in the USB no matter which side you plug it in. No more looking at the connector and messing with it - simply plug and go!

Sleek, Durable Design
IOGEAR's premium cables feature a durable, robust design to withstand frequent plugging and unplugging while simultaneously being extremely flexible. These cables are comprised of a top-grade braided-nylon fiber sleeve with anodized aluminum connectors for maximum durability and reliability.

Features and Benefits
• Connect your USB-C™ devices to standard USB-A devices
• IOGEAR's Flip™ Reversible USB connector eliminates the frustration of plugging the USB-A on the wrong side
• Anodized aluminum shell provides superior durability over the standard USB Type-C™ cable
• Heavy duty, tangle-free design – suited with a braided-nylon fiber cable jacket
• Charges USB-C devices
• Charges your USB-C laptop