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Image 2 of 7 - KM switch is essentially a KVM switch without the video switching - all displays<BR>are continuously connected to their computers. view

Image 3 of 7 - Move the cursor from one screen to the next, and the keyboard/mouse switching occurs instantaneously,</BR>switching to the computer associated with the screen your cursor is on. view
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quad-head computer and one dual-head computer. view
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diagram with 4x dual-head
computers. view

K308 8-Port EAL 4+ Secure KM Switch

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K308 8-Port EAL 4+ Secure KM Switch
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Manage secure keyboard and mouse operations on eight (8) computers over multiple displays 

A secure keyboard and mouse (KM) switch is a device that is specifically designed to enable isolation between connected computers.

These computers are typically connected to different networks, and isolation between these networks must be assured to prevent data leakages and intrusions.

Secure KM switches rely on physics (optical diodes) to prevent data leakages between coupled networks. Secure KM switches do not require any cables between computers, any shared bus or network, or any installed software.

8-Port Secure Keyboard and Mouse Switch
K308 provides users with a secure solution to switching keyboard and mouse (KM) control of eight computers, each using multiple displays. With support of up to 32 total displays, users can create the ultimate in secure KM management.

Common CriteriaK308 is a superior solution to operating an environment of connected computers with multiple displays. Users can simply connect the monitors directly to the computers and use K308 to switch between computers for secure KM operation. Additionally, device's administrator mode provides many customized settings from display arrangement and size to cursor speed and acceleration.

Audio output can also be configured to follow the cursor or can be set by the user to any channel.

K308 offers impressive levels of communications even when connecting computers that are on different levels of security clearance and Internet access. K308 utilizes unidirectional optical data-diodes which insulates all connections from any possible points of data leakage among peripherals. K308 also securely filters and locks USB ports preventing data export/import through mass-storage devices by hardware.

Every K308 secure KM switch is rigorously and extensively tested to ensure it will remain stalwart against any known form of KM and KVM security attacks. K308 is specifically designed – and has been used – for national security applications. The unit has been certified to meet EAL 4+ standards to assure it provides the highest level of security possible.

Virtual Display Technology

After manufacturing, each unit is provided with a special holographic tampering-evident label to ensure the device has not been tampered with.

Virtual Display Technology
Virtual Display Technology (VDT) is a cornerstone of K308's functionality. VDT enables seamless cursor and keyboard switching between multiple computers by simply moving the cursor to that computers display(s). VDT allows administrators to configure any desired displays configuration with same or different size and resolution. Move the cursor from one screen to the next, and the keyboard/mouse switching occurs instantaneously, switching to the computer associated with the screen your cursor is on.

K308 enables field configuration loading of any desirable custom display arrangement. This product supports up to 8 computers that may drive up to 32 displays.

Multi-Head Computer Operation
K308 allows up to 32 displays to be used with its eight connected computers. This means multiple multi-head computers can be managed with the device's automatic KM switching. Users can implement eight dual-head computers, for example, or eight quad-head computers, etc.

Features and Benefits
• Manage eight connected computers in isolation.
• Validated to EAL 4+ security standards.
• Virtual Display Technology for automatic switching allows K308 to switch automatically between computers once mouse cursor crosses display borders.
• Designed to support isolation between secure networks.
• Complies with Common Criteria Protection Profile 2.1.
• NIAP PCL listed. Derivative of a TEMPEST product used in NATO nuclear submarines.
• Support for dual-head, triple-head and quad-head - up to 32 screens.
• Independent audio switching.
Virtual Display Technology• Unidirectional data paths.
• Dedicated processors for emulation.
• Peripherals security with full USB devices filtering to assure support for keyboard and mouse only.
• Unidirectional optical data diodes used to secure USB peripherals isolation. Data can flow from devices to host only. No reverse data flow possible by physics.
• Extensive administrator setup options via Administrator Mode provide many customized settings from display arrangement and screen size to cursor speed and acceleration.
• Support for a wide variety of peripherals and computers; the latest keyboards, mice and card readers. Support computers with all Operating Systems.
• Active, always-on anti-tampering with 10 years battery.
• Special holographic tampering evident labels.
• Special RDC port to enable Remote Desktop Controller accessory.
• Custom display configurations for easy customization to specific user workstation setup using KM Configuration Web tool.

• Government Operations
• Defense Applications
• Security Control Rooms
• Corporate Communications and
• Server Operations
• Medical Campuses
• Airports



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