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Audio-format converters between analog (L/R) and digital (PCM coaxial or TOSLink optical) to enable integration with audio systems

Audio-Format Converters

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Overcome digital/analog video incompatibilities between source and display, while scaling incompatible source resolution to display resolution

Video Format Converters/Scalers

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Converts digital audio (HDMI, or coaxial or TOSLink) to analog right/left RCA audio connecting to an audio receiver, or to 3.5mm stereo audio

Audio Converters/De-Embedders

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Convert coaxial or optical digital audio source to standard analog left/right stereo audio through RCA-style jacks or vice versa

Audio Converters

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Digital audio conversion and de-embedding from HDMI or TOSLink to coax and vice versa; TOSLink or S/PDIF audio conversion to RCA or 3.5mm audio up to 3 devices

Audio Converters/De-Embedders

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