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HD KVM LCD Consoles

Rack-mount, slide-out console drawers, integrating keyboard, mouse (touch-pad) and a 16:9 HD (1080p) folding LCD display

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8- 16- and 32-port CAT-5 KVM switches supporting digital/analog video; audio; one or two concurrent users and integrated 17" LED console drawer

MasterConsole Digital

Starting at $1,708.00 view

1U rack-mount LCD USB-VGA KVM console-drawers with a wide (16:9) screen supporting Hi-Def 1080p video and a backlit-illuminated keyboard

Sylphit HD

Starting at $999.00 view

Single-rail, 8-port, Full HD (1080p) wide-screen DVI LCD KVM console/switches with audio and external console (for 2nd user) support

DVI LCD KVM Console Switches

Starting at $2,186.00 view

1U LCD console drawers with a grade A+ 17" LED or 19" TFT display, USB & PS/2 interface, rails w/ fixed position to prevent unwanted drawer movement

LCD Console Drawers

Starting at $1,163.00 view

Single-port, 1U rack-mount single-rail KVM drawers with DVI/USB connections featuring 19" DVI LCD panel, a full keyboard and a touch pad

DVI LCD KVM Console Drawers

Starting at $1,377.00 view