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Fiber KVM Extenders

Locate a KVM user-console away from its computer, extended over fiber-optic cable. Learn more about KVM Extenders.

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HDCP-compliant HDMI over LC fiber-optic cable(s) extension systems supporting 4K Ultra-HD or 1080p Full HD, up to 5,000 feet, with optional USB

Fiber-Optic HDMI Extenders

Starting at $1,499.99 view

Long-distance DVI-USB fiber-optical KVM console extenders with audio, up to 12.4 miles, supporting USB touchscreens, RS-232, and local access

Fiber-Optical DVI-USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,419.00 view

Extend a DVI/USB (or PS/2) computer with optional stereo-audio, RS232 and USB peripherals up to 15 kilometers away using fiber-optics cables

DVI KVM Extenders over Fiber-Optic

Starting at $524.00 view

Point-to-point fiber-optic KVM extenders supporting dual or quad DVI-D, PS/2 or USB keyboard & mouse, audio and RS232 control up to 10 miles

Fiber Multi-Screen DVI KVM Extenders

Starting at $2,586.00 view

Extend high resolution VGA video, USB keyboard/mouse (plus optional audio, RS232/IR) up to 1,400 feet over fiber or CAT-5

USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $2,249.00 view

Flash-upgradeable, single-or dual-link DVI-USB KVM extenders up to 2.48 miles (fiber) or 492 feet (CATx) w/ optional audio and RS232 extension

AdderLink DVI/USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,282.50 view

Extend DVI video, USB keyboard/mouse and peripherals, RS232 and Audio up to 6,600 feet away from a computer using fiber-optic cables

DVI KVM Extenders over Fiber

Starting at $2,089.00 view