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DVNET-8P - DVI KVMA Switch, 8-Ports

Model No. DVN-8PS In stock

DVNET-8P - DVI KVMA Switch, 8-Ports
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Share a DVI-D monitor, USB 2.0 devices, stereo audio components 

and/or any USB keyboard and mouse between 8 computers for increased productivity and network flexibility

Smart-AVI's family of DVI switches has been developed with multiple applications in mind, from industrial workstations to digital signage monitoring. This gives system architects and administrators alike flexibility and the power of cross-platform computer integration in a shared environment.

The DVNET-8P cross-platform switch makes it possible to easily share a DVI-D monitor, stereo audio, USB 2.0 devices and any USB keyboard and mouse seamlessly between 8 Macs or PCs.

In the medical or industrial fields where it may not be practical (or safe) to have one or more CPUs in the general vicinity, Smart-AVI's DVI switch series is the perfect solution, allowing for either PC or Mac signals to be extended from computer to monitor (30 feet from computer to DVI switch, and then 30 feet from DVI switch to remote monitor/display point).

Another practical use for one of our DVI switch would be for media recording studios, where soundproofing and space issues come into play. Using a DVI switch eliminates the inherent "hum" of a powered CPU and gives you the freedom of using your keyboard, mouse and monitor without having to find room for the computer itself in the same workspace.

• Home Theater Integration
• Digital Signage Deployment
• Industrial Environment
• Information Kiosks/Displays
• Theme Park/Resort Design
• Medical Equipment
• Film/Recording Studios

Features and Benefits
• Supports PC and Mac DVI-D Signals
• Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
• Zero Pixel Loss
• Maintains Highest Quality DVI Single Link Resolution
• Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Sun Platforms
• DVI Output Regenerates TMDS Digital Video
• Output Capable of Driving Cable up to 25 Feet
• Full DVI, Audio and Mic Switching
• USB Output Regenerates With USB HUB
• Front Panel Switch for Computer Selection
• Select Computer via RS-232 Command
• Display LED for Active Station
• External Power Supply
• Reduces Space Requirements
• Provides Noiseless Operation at Remote Stations
• Allows Placement of CPUs Away From Harsh Work Environments
• USB 1 and 2 Compliant
• Driver-Free, Plug-and-Play Hardware