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7,000 to 16,000mAh-capacity USB portable, external battery chargers w/ up to 3.4 Amps for recharging smartphones and tablets up to 8 times

GearPower on the Go

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Dual USB sockets and 2-in-1 (Lightning & micro USB) cable provide simultaneously rapid-charge for two Apple & Android mobile devices in the car

GearPower in the Car

Starting at $16.23 view

Charge 2 or 4 iPhones and iPads simultaneously with available 4.2 Amps & optional output balancing between devices to maximize charging rate

GearPower at Home

Starting at $19.47 view

Wireless media hubs for sharing media & documents on the go via SD/USB; converting wired Internet to Wi-Fi; charging station for portable devices

Wireless Media/Wi-Fi Hubs

Starting at $25.46 view

Lightweight USB AC and DC adapters charge your cell phone or PDA from any 110 or 220 Volt AC outlet or from your car's cigarette lighter

USB Power Adapters

Starting at $9.09 view

Accessories for Geist Monitor Watchdog environmental monitors, such as digital-port splitters, analog-to-digital interface converters, PoE and IP cameras

Geist Monitor Accessories

Starting at $55.00 view

USB car-charger power adapters for mobile devices used to charge USB devices (PDA's, smart phones, etc.) from your car's cigarette lighter

USB Car Charger Power Adapters

Starting at $10.15 view

An assortment of life-style USB accessories and gadgets for easy computer interaction, enhanced mobility and improved connectivity

USB Accessories

Starting at $52.79 view