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Bulk Cables

23 AWG STP bulk cable optimized for Kramer's DVI and HDMI twisted pair digital transmitter-receiver sets and HDBaseT transmitter-receiver sets

Optimized CAT-6 Cables

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Wire your home theater, bedrooms and kitchen for cable TV, antenna or satellite quickly and easily using these all-inclusive installation kits

RG6 Dual Shield Coaxial Cable Installation Kits

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Bulk rolls of 1000-foot CAT-5e 300 MHz solid UTP cables that are CMR rated for use in walls, conduits & ceilings; featuring durable PVC jackets

CAT-5e CMR Solid UTP Cables in Bulk

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Cost-effective 18 AWG bulk speaker wire featuring high strand count and clear PVC jackets with white marker for easy polarity identification

Bulk Speaker Wire

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Velocity™ speaker wires provide precise sound quality within a wide dynamic range, low inductance & capacitance and low noise & distortion

Velocity Bulk Speaker Wires

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Flexible and easy to install, CL2-rated in-wall speaker wires for high-performance whole house audio and home theater with flame retardant jacket

Wall Speaker Wires

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Install your antenna, cable TV or satellite system using these high quality RG6/U coaxial cables; perfect for dual LNB satellite installations

In-Wall RG6/U Quad Shield Coaxial Cables

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18 AWG CMP-rated plenum speaker wire with footage markers for easy length tracking for connecting audio systems in commercial environments

Plenum-Rated Bulk Speaker Wire

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16-gauge easy to handle speaker wires with 99.9% pure copper conductors tinned for easy polarity identification and clear flexible PVC jacket

Speaker Cables

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All-in-one video and power cables designed to simplify the installation of surveillance equipment with cable jacket sequentially marked every 2 feet

Siamese RG59/U Coax + 18/2 Power Cables

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Jacketed in PVC, 10-15 conductor-count, aluminum foil shield, 24AWG cable bulk for low speed data communications applications such as RS-232

Foil Shield PVC 24AWG Cables

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25c and 50c flat ribbon bulk cable for building internal PC cabling to for floppy and hard drives with standard .050 centerline IDC connectors

Flat Ribbon Cables

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