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Full HD (1080p) wide-screen DVI/HDMI/VGA LCD KVM console drawer 

with audio and external console (for 2nd user) support 

CL6700MW is a single rail KVM console featuring a 17.3" LED-backlit high-definition widescreen with an integrated keyboard and touchpad in a 1U rack-mountable sliding housing.

CL6700MW's console provides front end access to compatible KVM switches utilizing space with a module that closes flat and slides into the rack. The single rail design allows the LCD monitor, keyboard and touchpad to operate independently of each other. Multiple video ports allow the console to connect one of three types of video sources: VGA, DVI, or HDMI - for the console and CPU connection. For added convenience, the full HD console provides two HDMI ports that allow for connecting a high-definition monitor to the console port, and/or an HDMI compatible switch to the KVM port.

CL6700MW features a port for an external USB mouse on the unit's front panel, while ports for the second KVM console (keyboard, mouse and DVI, HDMI or VGA monitor) are provided on the rear panel. Server rooms already installed with compatible DVI KVM switches will have the advantage of easy access, an additional console, and a built-in space saving sliding module, without having to purchase a KVM switch.

CL6700MW also includes two mini stereo ports for connecting audio speakers.

Features and Benefits
• Integrated KVM console with a 17.3" LED-backlit widescreen Full HD LCD monitor in a single rail housing with top and bottom clearance for smooth operation in a 1U high system rack
• Standard rack mount kit included – optional Easy Rack Mounting (single person installation) rack mount kit available (requires separate purchase)
• Supports an external console with USB / DVI / VGA / HDMI connectors
• Additional hot-pluggable USB mouse port on front panel (also functions as USB peripheral port)
• Superior video quality – up to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz; DDC, DDC2, DDC2B
• Audio support for connecting speakers
• Standard 105-key keyboard; Sun keyboard emulation
• Multiplatform support – Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
• Adjustable depth to fit within the rack
• Firmware upgradeable
• Console lock – enables the console drawer to remain securely locked away in position when not in use
• DDC emulation – video settings of attached computers are automatically adjusted for optimal output to the monitor
• Keyboard Language support: English(US); English(UK); German; German(Swiss); French; Spanish; Traditional Chinese; Japanese; Korean; Swedish; Italian; Russian; Hungarian; Greek

Package Contents
1x CL6700MW DVI Full HD LCD Console with Standard Rack Mount Kit
1x Custom USB DVI KVM Cable Set (see listing below for additional available cables)
1x Power Cord
1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
1x User Instructions

(see listing below for additional available cables)



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