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DisplayPort Adapters

DisplayPort Adapters

DisplayPort to HDMI or DVI or VGA adapters for connecting a DisplayPort computer to a 4K HDMI input of a TV, or to a DVI or VGA display @ 1080p
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1) VC985 Model No. VC985 In stock

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2) VC986 Model No. VC986 In stock

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DisplayPort to HDMI® or DVI or VGA adapters

ATEN DisplayPort adapters allow you to connect your device's DisplayPort output to the HDMI or DVI input of a TV or to a VGA display.

ATEN's DisplayPort adapters provide a cost-effective yet high performance signal conversion solution. These adapters are therefore perfect for computers and notebooks, supporting display resolutions of up to 1080p (1920x1200 @ 60Hz) or 4K Ultra-HD for HDMI.

ATEN DisplayPort Adapters