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AdderLink C-USB

Model No. CUSBEXT100-US In stock

AdderLink C-USB
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CUSBEXT100: USB 2.0 extender over CAT-5 cable 

extends a single USB port far from your host system using a standard CATx cable 

Adder C-USB modules allow you to extend the distance between a USB peripheral and your computer by up to 330 feet.

AdderLink C-USB extender set provides a quick and easy way to place your USB devices up to 100 meters (330 feet) from a host system. Comprising two compact modules plus an auto-sensing mains power adapter, AdderLink C-USB extender set is physically unobtrusive and totally transparent in operation. Complete support is provided for USB 2.0 (high-speed, low-speed, full speed) devices including isochronous communication.

The local module connects to a vacant USB port on your computer. You then connect your USB 1.1 or 2.0 peripheral to the remote module which is linked via CAT5e, 6 or 7 cabling (not supplied) to the local module. A power adapter is provided to supply either the local or remote module, whichever is most convenient. In operation, C-USB modules remain transparent to allow your USB peripheral to work as expected.

AdderLink C-USB

Compact, easy to mount
AdderLink C-USB modules are designed to quickly and easily blend into your existing configuration. Each module measures only 87 x 57 x 30mm and they feature side slots to allow them to be cable-tied to most surfaces.

Complete support for your USB devices
To ensure that AdderLink C-USB provides maximum flexibility, Adder has worked hard to ensure that it supports every type of USB 2.0 or 1.1 device. So whichever transfer modes your USB devices need to use, you're covered. For example:
• Video devices isochronous mode
• Keyboards interrupt mode
• Hard drives bulk transfer mode
• Plug-and-Play, transparent operation
Once connected, operation is totally transparent to the host system, the USB peripheral(s) and you, the user. There are no drivers to install and your USB devices work precisely as they did before; the only difference is that they are now up to 330 feet (100 meters) away from the host.

Usable with all operating systems
AdderLink C-USB modules are entirely independent of any operating system and are thus compatible with them all.

Flexible power
The whole system can be powered from either end. Thanks to a clever piece of electronic design, you can choose to connect the supplied mains power adapter to either the local or remote modules, as is most convenient for your installation. Either way, a full 500mA of current is made available to your USB peripheral. The power adapter is fully auto-sensing so that it can adapt to any mains input from 100 to 240VAC.

Easy to understand indicators
Each module is adorned with a single green indicator. Only when the power, the cable link and the host USB connection are all valid will the green indicator on each module illuminate.

Built to last
Adder Technology have a well-earned reputation for creating products that perform well and stay the course. AdderLink C-USB modules are no exception and feature tough, yet lightweight rubberized ABS enclosures to ensure they can easily withstand everyday treatment. The internal components and external connectors too are selected for their reliability in addition to their performance characteristics.

Package Includes
1x Local module
1x Remote module
1x Power adapter and power cord
1x USB link cable